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The 100th Monkey

As you are all aware today, 12/21/12, is a big date for positive change for our planet in the prophecies of the Ancients and the Lightworkers around the world. And even some other people believe that our world will end in Apocalyptic mayhem. It is my belief and I know many of yours, that our world as we know it is indeed ending because this is the dawning of the new age of peace, love, community, unity, awareness, acceptance, and respect of all!

My dear friend and talented songwriter/composer, paulPEPPAS (aka Paul Ottinger), wrote and performed this song featuring Shannon Fitzpatrick titled “Armageddon Love Song“. It’s a beautiful message that LOVE is INFINITE and stronger than any challenge…and the added bonus is it’s a really catchy, fun pop song!

It went live today on iTunes just in time for the big day! And I’m asking you to join the 100th Monkey Grassroots Promo movement for “Armageddon Love Song” and if you feel called to do so, please circulate and post on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, your social media pages, and share with as many friends as you can!

Our world needs more positivity and I feel like this is a lovely contribution



Check out this song on iTunes:



Opening Prayer. Message from Pleiades through my guides:

Seekers be aware that your planet is now on the precipice of perfect alignment with fervor and with passion from all the people praying for the Age of Aquarius. Fervor because the planet needed focused minds and hearts. Sorcerers of planet, those who harness the light, are doing the work to bring the planet into this new age. You’re playing a part in this too by doing what you have done so far in creating a catalytic energy of Source within your world and those you are in contact with are activated and help with Ascension. Yes, they also are helping with the Ascension through their activation of their purpose. All of the ones that you call friends are activated by feeling your energy and purpose and they then activate others and so on. See we needed your spirit and your valuable knowledge to share as all your spiritual gifts of pursuit. Your forward progress and determination has been quite beautiful to witness. Yes, we have been watching your work and are really affected by it, we feel your work and see its real progress and its real purpose on your planet of peace, love and light. See we know that you have finished a major undertaking of completing your first lifetime of karma and we feel that you are now ready to step into your real purpose of serving the planet and your goal of world service. So be happy to begin service of purpose. We are behind you all the way.

ME: What is my service of purpose?

You really don’t know? Or are you pretending you do not? Sit quietly with yourself and listen to your heart’s calling. Remember what you programmed there. What service do you desire to serve? And you also were given directions of how to do so. We know you remember because you have done the work to get to this point of your life. See yourself, feel into your heart and look for the message within.

ME: Abundance, Prosperity, Light, Love, Peace, Forgiveness

Those are all a part of it, but your goal was to actualize love, peace, prosperity, light and see life from that energy. See we have been helping and serving that goal along with you. We feel those are important goals to have so you will teach the way to accomplish them to others through your being all of those attributes. The true value is how you have served your purpose to seek service for yourself and others. See, feel and be service in action. Service of light and of love for planet and beings. See, feel and be service for greater good for we all need that service. See yourself as a feeler of heart’s calling, feeler of service to humanity and know that service is your heart’s calling. Service of planetary purpose. Feel your answer. Know yourself. Service of your inner goals and desires for living is to have all those dreams come true, this is going to be your story to share: how did you get there and how can others do the same. See you wanted to show the way to the Light and so by being Light you show the way. The planet will see your work and know it is possible. Yes you can do this just by how you have been living so far; listening to that voice within that knows the way to go. Your planet is ready for this new age of manifestation of heart’s calling. Service to that is a beautiful thing.

ME: Thank you. Can you give me a message that serves the planet on this auspicious day 12/21/12?

All beings on the planet are surrounded with all beings in the universe at this very moment. We have been watching and waiting for this day to come and we are all enthusiastically cheering on your planetary efforts. We are so happy with your potential and your progress as beings on planet earth. We celebrate your accomplishments and celebrate the love that is being shared at this moment. Your planets’ beings are coming together in a goal for greater good and higher purpose that serves everyone so we say your planet is doing fabulous work and we know that things will only get better and better. New Age is here which will come with new technology; seers of purpose of heart’s calling will create new pathways for all inhabitants and serve the highest good of the welfare of your planet and its beings. We celebrate that with you.

Yes SERVICE is the theme of this message. It is a time for everyone to ask so they know what purpose they are here to serve. And that answer is within their hearts. You are a facilitator and will help connect others with their truest purpose of heart. That is your path of service so go and seek out what you’re desiring and then know your desires will be met seeker of the light and server of purpose. Seeker of light and love we all are feeling your alignment with purpose and we all celebrate your efforts. Show the way and the rest will follow their own paths to serve their heart’s purpose.

Seekers of light and love for planet, today is of great importance because the beings on and around the planet are awakening spiritually to a New Age of Love. All your planets’ beings will experience this shift. Seers will be experiencing a knowingness that we are moving all of our highest feelers, seekers, seers into a new dimension which shifts all others. See and believe this is happening. Your time to celebrate is now.

We want to say that we love all beings on the planet and we are grateful for each of you and your heart’s purpose. We celebrate you and your calling to service. We feel your unity and efforts and all of us celebrate that.

Be well and know we are always available to assist your service.


Light Message

The following message from my guides for me is also about listening to your heart, finding your heart’s desire, finding out how it serves you and it how it serves the planet and others, and how to ask the questions to get there.

Opening prayer to speak with Divine Source…


God and God Light is a Divine Source Energy that always flows and is available to and through you. Speaking of a little concern as all is one yes? So who gives the information is of no need to know because all information is from Source. We do not expect you to believe all information. You are given choice and a mind to decipher the information and a seeker’s source ability to decipher Your Source of Source.  Service of the Light is your purpose on the planet at this time in your history.  Your service benefits others because by doing so, your service creates more Light for the planet’s inhabitants.  Seeing that your Light amplifies the calls of others and their service purpose, you will find that your service serves a higher cause. Therefore you must see service as a Gift of God to you and others, and not in an arrogant form, in a form of Benevolence of Being Light so others may see their own Light and desire to serve their purpose. You see we are only here to show the way to the Light and your desire, is your service, you see?  So when you actualize that, you are actualizing your purpose of service. So show up and look good and be willing and all else falls into place.

Your first step is to see your heart’s desire. Once you see that, you look into the purpose that desire serves. How does my desire benefit me and others?

Once you see how your desire benefits you and others, you allow and accept all others shows up. “Others” being all that play a role in heart’s desire.  The heart’s desire is the true calling, the true path, and when you listen closely, showing availability to that calling, so alignment begins, and you see pieces fall into place.

For you, you believe that love actualized is what your heart desires.  But what else does that desire serve? Can you show this to humanity? Can your Love Actualized be a gift to others? Yes? So then trust that your heart’s desire will be made manifest.  See that all has led up to this moment in time and prosperity is yours. Believe in the will of God and that the desire that lives within you is made to manifest. See you are aligned with your truth and desire of outcome is your gift to yourself and the world.  You agreed to create a Light path to show others a way of being connected to Light, Love, Purpose and Service. You’re being a part of showing others their real purpose for being here. So, desire is your first step to purpose.

All of this information is simple, yet profound. Basic, yet expansive. Know that simplicity is where to begin.  Simply by asking What does my heart desire?  What does that desire serve?  How can I serve my heart’s desire and how do I serve my heart’s desire?

You see Love is your Service. Love is your gift to others. Love is an expansive energy and love is free flowing.  You also know love is a directable energy and it is energy that can be used, misused, abused, and aligned properly. You have seen how the flow of love can be stopped, controlled, forced to behave a certain way. But you have also seen your short sightedness when it comes to the flow of Love, keeping love to yourself does not allow love to flow through you or to you.  The only way for love to flow is to let go of control or what you perceive as control. That does nothing but create blocks to your incoming abundance and your flow of energy. Deciding what or whom to love is not beneficial to prosperity and abundance in your life.  How can you love through disappointment?  How can you be willing to let each soul choose to master their own lives and lessons and still find love for their choices?  How do you let others decide and those decisions be loved by you? Loss is a reason to love because you see, nothing on Earth is done by accident.  See all experiences as gifts that bring you closer to your purpose. Loss, disappointment are just reactive ways of responding to a situation. When you respond to loss and disappointment with a love and knowing response, ease and flow is the reaction. Each action creates a reaction. Love response creates love responding.  So the disappointment of loss of your romantic relationship to him (my ex-boyfriend) you can react with a block of flow of love or you can be grateful and send him love. You see you know attuned to him that your lessons are only to show how this all works. Out flow of love creates in flow of love. See disappointment through the eyes of love, knowing all is and for a purpose of service to yourself and others. Your choice was to learn love of each other despite perception of loss and to know love is not a possession between you, it is a gift of yourself and God.  Embracing this conceptually will allow you to embrace it intellectually and then emotionally and spiritually. Love him without possession. Love is a flow not a river to be dammed up. See out flow and feel in flow.

ME: Why am I afraid that loving him will be painful? To go there into the love I feel for him, somewhere I’m afraid to do this which is why I have resisted the knowing of all that has been told me – why is this?

Your fears are a result of broken heartedness from past experiences. But you see broken hearts were not for a no purpose. Broken hearts are because a heart is meant to be flexible and to allow love to flow. Not to control, be refrain, or kept back. Love is a powerful energy, but energy is also only able to do as it is allowed. When you stop, try to control, and deny it, the result is broken heartedness. Love is a healing and benevolent energy source, yet sometimes we try to get love to behave how our egos want it to, so you say Love, you are no longer allowed here because I no longer have (name of my ex-boyfriend) and so I can no longer love him like I did because he is no longer mine to call my own. But when was he ever yours to call your own? Never! He is a seeer too and he is aligned with his purpose, your purposes did not align to be together, yet does that mean you will stop loving each other? Love is the biggest gift you could give each other and freedom in love is a gift of honor. Know that is the lesson here and be willing to be the example.  How do you love someone you must let go?  Allow the energy to flow through you regardless of any thought you have contrary. Once you begin to see that flow you will feel that flow everwhere. See flow can not be controlled and then expected to happen seer. So see love flowing to everyone – lovers of able to offer a seeing of flow creates flow in all areas of life. Control creates control. Flow allows flow. Fear creates frear. Trust is belief and faith is the outcome of desire made manifest.

Good day. We are grateful for your purpose and willingness to serve that purpose. Keep faith at your side as you will understand all serves a purpose.  Greatness and Goodness be yours.  Good day to you Seekers server of the Light Seer of Service and Seeker of God’s Light on Planet Earth. Be Well, be good, and Blessed be the Light. Namaste. Goodbye. We will continue again another time. Be well.


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I Know My Galactic Family Is Here, Do You? (UFO Disclosure)

This video has been produced and released by InLIght Radio for you to share with all your family, friends, neighbours, work colleagues – and the world – to let them know that our Galactic family is here.

Key To Yourself

Most of us that follow a spiritual path already know the importance of watching what we think.  We know that our thoughts create our reality and how this is so. However I do believe it’s important for us to keep in practice and to keep vigilant over this knowledge. And sometimes I enjoy studying the Laws that govern the Universe. I recently came across this 140 page book written simply and eloquently by Dr. Venice Bloodworth (copyright 1952!) about the Universal Laws, Universal Truth and Universal Mind. This little book “Key To Yourself” contains so much wisdom we should all live by.

An excerpt from “Key To Yourself”…

The best and quickest way to bring about reform in our thinking is by the use of strong affirmation, to be repeated in the Silence and any time the need arises.  Your present character is made up of countless thoughts, beliefs, habits, entertained and formed by you in the past. This character is expressed on your subconscious mind and is the cause of your present health, your present state of mind, and your present financial status. If you wish to change all or any one of them, the following affirmation will be effective:

“I am healthy, strong, young, powerful, loving, harmonious, successful, and happy”.

There are many nuggets just like this throughout her book and I highly suggest you pick up a copy

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